GT Mover DUROK 2.0-SR

Product Feature :

Category : Li-ion Products (LIST)
Model : DUROK 2.0-SR
Capacity : 2,000 kg.
Max. Lifting Height : 120 mm.
Max. Travel speed : 5.5 - 6 km/h

Prominent point :

  • Unique operation style, meet cross-over market demands.
  • Optional tiller style meet ergonomic requirements.
  • Electronic power steering makes operation easy and fast.


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  • Lithium-ion battery (Fully charged in 2-3 hours)
  • Turns easily and smoothly with electric power steering feature as standard.
  • Metal structure provides thorough protection.
  • The short chassis allows for more flexible movement.
  • DUROK 2.0-SR, a 2t Lithium-ion powered pallet truck specifically designed for defined customers.
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Operator Type:

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Value Added Service
  • Professional, responsive and experienced service team
  • Free preventive maintenance program for the first year
  • Training seminars for operators to enhance product safety and efficiency
  • Over 2000 varieties of spare parts in availabe stock
  • Assistance in reducing maintenance costs while enhancing productivity