Product Feature :

Category : Pedestrian Truck
Model : EGU
Capacity : 1,200 – 2,500 Kgs.
Max. Lifting Height : 130 mm.
Max. Travel speed : 6.0 Km/h

Prominent point :


For horizontal transport of pallets and container in explosive Atmospheres.

  •     AC asynchronous drive
  •     Motor in type of protection increased safety (Ex e)
  •     Battery capacity from 240 Ah up to 374 Ah possible
  •     Optimized acceleration and braking behavior
  •     Electrical braking of the driving motor with feed-back into the battery



Value Added Service
  • Professional, responsive and experienced service team
  • Free preventive maintenance program for the first year
  • Training seminars for operators to enhance product safety and efficiency
  • Over 2000 varieties of spare parts in availabe stock
  • Assistance in reducing maintenance costs while enhancing productivity